School Rules

The Gurukul Shool

General Rules for Students (The pupils of Gurukul are expected:)

  •    To participate fully in all the activities of the school.
  •    To observe faithfully the school rules of discipline and obey all duly constituted authorities.
  •    To cultivate loyalty and devotion to home, school and the Country.
  •    To develop healthy habits of mind and body by constant self – discipline.
  •    To acquire and cultivate qualities of leadership and competency in the art of expression and persuasion.
  •    To strive to be gentle and learn to serve and be helpful to others.
  •    To wish/ greet their teachers and other elders whenever they happen to meet them.
  •    To learn and observe good manners at all places.
  •    To be friendly with one another in and out of School.
  •    To be always ready to offer help to unattended guests in the School premises.
  •    To uphold the dignity of individuals and always be dignified and courageous.
  •    To avoid littering the School premises and uphold cleanliness.
  •    To be peaceful in the library and respect the rights of others using it.

Guidelines For Parents

The School strongly believes that the all round and holistic development of the child can be achieved only with a strong bond and consistent partnership with the parents and the school. Parents are therefore requested to keep the following in mind:

  •    Punctuality must at all costs be adhered to mandatory. Every student should reach the school earlier than the time.
  •    Visit the school on forth Saturday of the month between 1.00 p.m. and 2.00 p.m. or as per the schedule intimated for a Parent-teacher meeting, to discuss your child’s academic and overall performance. In case of urgency, you can also meet a teacher with a prior appointment, during the zero period on regular days.
  •    Check the school diary and the school website regularly, to keep informed of the circulars and notices issued from time to time.
  •    Change of address or telephone numbers should be immediately intimated to the school to keep the records updated. This will also ensure that you receive important information sent by the school from time to time through SMSs etc.
  •    In case of any school related problems, you are welcome to discuss the same with the Principal with prior appointments. You can also record your suggestions in the suggestion register kept at the reception or discuss it at the Parents Teachers meetings.
  •    Please ensure that your child always appears well dressed, neat and clean, in properly ironed school uniforms of prescribed standard sported by well polished shoes and properly groomed nails and hair.
  •    While setting out, always make sure that your wards carry their tiffin, nutritious as is expected of.
  •    Please ensure punctuality and regularity in attendance of your wards. If your child is commuting by a school bus, please advise that he/she takes the same bus every day both sides as the school does not allow students to board a different bus or use a different means of transport in the afternoon, say, to pay a wayward visit to a friend’s home or so. In case of an emergency, prior permission must be taken from the school authorities. Kindly check their phones (If any), school bags and belongings regularly at home to monitor the contents and signs.
  •    Parents while checking the bags of the child may please ensure that they bring to school only what is required for the day. Do not send any thing during the day to the reception, it will not be allowed. No cash is normally to be carried to the School by a child. However in case of eventuality such transactions should be monitored by the parents at their risk.
  •    Students can call up their parents form the reception, only in exigency after prior permission of the class teacher. Interrupting students from the classes to attend to telephone calls is strictly prohibited.
  •    Regularity of attendance and punctuality is essential for academic progress and character building of the child. We need a proactive involvement of parents to succeed in our common mission. Please ensure that your child abides by the rules of discipline of the school.
  •    It is mandatory for students to wear their students ID.

   In the interest of safety of students

  • No sharp instruments are included in student’s kit/pencil boxes.
  • Only safety scissors.
  • No steel rulers or cutters.
  • Only a compass which has a very short pointed end.

Students Represent their family and school and must display a high standard of behavior inside and outside the school premises. The students must strictly follow the following guidelines.

  •    The sound of the first bell announces the time of the morning attendance. By the time the class teachers should assemble for prayer in ground. After the assembly, each class should go quietly in a line to their respective classrooms.
  •    At the time of afternoon dispersal students should leave the school form designated gates. Those using buses should be seated in the buses promptly and not move around in the bus parking as this is unsafe and causes delay.
  •    Running, pushing, playing or shouting in the classroom, corridor or within the school building is strictly prohibited. Students should maintain order and speak softly in corridors, on the ramp and staircases and demonstrate respect towards everyone particularly those elder to them. They must always move on the left while walking in a line on the ramp. Staircase or in the corridor.
  •    Money transactions, sale and exchange of articles among students is prohibited.
  •    A student must come to school in the prescribed school uniform regularly and even during any holiday, PTM’s, practices or extra classes. Students who are not in school uniform or shabbily dressed or have unkempt hair may be sent back home. boys should supportort a proper haircut and girls with long hair must tie their hair in a plait/braid.
  •    Students are not allowed to bring toffees/sweetmeats for distribution on their birthdays or any other food item such as cakes, pastries, cold drinks and chocolates. Chewing of gum is not allowed on the school campus or school bus.
  •    Accessories, trinkets, jewellery, perfumes, nail paints etc. Should not be worn to school. Tattoos, nail paint hair streaking or colouring is not permitted.
  •    No electronic gadgets like, I-pod, calculator, camera etc. Are to be brought to the school without the permission concerned Teacher/principal.
  •    Cell phones are not allowed under any circumstances. Non-adherence to this rule may lead to expulsion form the school.
  •    Inappropriate use of school computer network well result in disciplinary action.
  •    No collection of any kind whatsoever should be made by any student without the permission of the principal.
  •    Although proper care is taken of students in the labs, play field, classrooms etc. to prevent mishaps/accidents, the school should not be held responsible for any such occurrences.
  •    Although the school maintains a lost and found service to return the lost belongings of the students, it’s important that students label their belongings and take care not to leave them around.
  •    Care should be taken by students to maintain the school property. No student should deface furniture or property of the school. They shroud not write or draw anything on the walls. Students should refrain from damaging equipment, computer apparatus, stationery, books etc. In the labs, library, sports field or those belonging to other students. Any such matter must be reported to the class teacher/concerned teacher immediately. Any will full violation of instructions can lead to a fine or even expulsion for the school.
  •    Rules of conduct of the classroom lab, activity room, library and sports field must be observed.
  •    Any misconduct related to use of foul language, bullying, sharing or talking about inappropriate internet content will be dealt with very seriously.
  •    Irregular attendance, habitual idleness. Neglect of class work, disobedience and disrespect of teachers and non adherence of rules of the school may entail expulsion form the school.